550. LOTD


Skin by Deetalez
Shape by me
Body by Maitreya
Head by Catwa - Bento Lona
Hair by Tableau Vivant \\ Brigitte 2k - B+W (unpacked) @ Collabor 88
Eyes by VoluptasVirutalis - Koko Eyes
Tattoo by Curemore - Scar Tissue - Big Cat Scratches


Romper by Cynful Clothing & Co -  Rendezvous Romper @ Collabor 88
Shoes by KO-H Goth Girl Killer Wedges 


Glasses by Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - Black

Gloves by Nightmare :: Rocker Gloves
Arm Bandage  by CerberusXing - Fighter's Mark - Black (Female) 
Collar by .random.Matter. - Feral Collar - Group Gift
Piercing 1 by CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Snakebites ( Catwa ) 
Piercing 2 by CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Labret/Medusa ( Catwa )
Piercing 3 by CerberusXing - Spiked Drill - Black ( Bento ) 
Nails by CerberusXing - Biomech Claws (LIMITED GIFT)
Hook chest by Chemical Princess {Chest Hook with tattoo} @ BodyFy
Necklace by MadPea Productions - 13 reasons Why @ ManCave


Retro Audio Set by MadPea Productions @ Mancave
Tapes and Portable Cassette Player by MadPea Productions - 13 Reasons Why @ Mancave



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